Unparalleled design freedom, the widest range of HMI features whilst achieving a break through in economic and environmental benefits.

Unparalleled Design Freedom

Uniphy gives designers creative freedom to build interactive, seamless, free-flowing shapes and forms that look and feel beautiful.

Widest Range of HMI Features

The built in HMI features, including pressure sensitivity, surpass other solutions and there’s also the ability to extend well beyond that.

Economic and Environmentally Friendly

The widest range of HMI features at the lowest incremental cost, the use of commodity materials, mainstream manufacturing processes, environmental recycling with superior economic viability & proprietary patented technologies, results in unrivalled commercial benefits.

+ Latest News

15 December 2022
In Mercia’s recent announcement of its FY23 interim results sharing highlights that include £6.4million net invested into six portfolio companies including a new investment into Uniphy Ltd, a Deep Tech company that can enable any surface to become a smart human-machine interface. It’s CEO, Jim Nicholas, explains a little more about the technology that has already seen collaborations with automotive giants Hyundai Motor Group and Grupo Antolin….