This is the future of User Experience.
Connecting people and products like never before.

Laundry Machine Panel

In addition to fundamental control functions, Uniphy’s seamless smart surface can provide operational information with clarity and relevance.

No more searching in operating manuals to decode error functions, detailed visual interfaces can be built in to the surface providing fingertip detail including programme details, progress and fault or error reporting.

Automotive Centre Console

3D features such as buttons, dials and sliders can be seamlessly integrated into a freeform surface so that the driver can easily find and control the correct functions with touch alone. In addition, haptics and acoustic feedback confirm the required selections.

Where safety is paramount and the need for ‘eyes-on-the-road’ vital, a control surface that can be ‘felt’ without the need for sight has clear advantages.

Toilet Function Control

Any shape or form is possible, utilising commodity materials.

Ideal for applications that require complex shapes and curves within compact spaces. Ambient visuals can be built-in, alongside decorative surfaces that can be opaque, transparent with the option to integrate screens and the ability to have a single, seamless surface makes sanitisation as straight forward as wiping a counter top.

Boat Cockpit

Bespoke control surfaces are a cost-effective reality with Uniphy.

Any shape can be accommodated to create beautiful dashboard layouts without the need for mechanical elements. For the marine industry, water ingression is always a concern but not with a seamless smart surface.

Ultrasound Control Console

Uniphy’s single surface means that previously complex control consoles can be simplified without impacting on functionality.

A significant advantage for the medical industry is the fact that products produced using our technology can be IPX rated, due to their single, seamless surface nature. Easy to clean and sterilise and, since mechanical elements and part seams have been eradicated, there’s nowhere for bacteria to hide.

Gaming Controller

Pressure-sensitive dials and buttons enhance gaming control, taking immersion to a new level.

Combined with the ability to easily build-in haptic and sonic feedback, Uniphy smart surfaces connect the gamer to the game like near before. And, as the controller itself can become a screen, unique information can be displayed in the player’s hands bringing huge opportunities for a new dimension in gaming.

Uniphy’s patented technology can be adapted to any application where humans need to interact with and control machines. Its single surface provides a beautiful, natural connection with machines and their control surfaces. Gestures, movement and actions you’re familiar with – learned patterns that just feel right and are second nature – truly intuitive.

Interaction that seems to capture the user’s intent, like magic! A place where user interface and User Experience merge.