Beyond Touch

Experience the difference

+ Total Creative Freedom

Uniphy provides a seamless surface which can be formed into any shape, with extruded or recessed dials, switches, buttons and sliders built-in.

A single, flowing form with no joins or part splits taking the user Beyond Touch.

+ Limitless Applications

Patented technology with limitless potential. From interactive surfaces in cars, to the operating functions of your washing machine.

This is a fundamentally better way to connect humans and machines. The future of User Experience.

+ Robust, Adaptable, Cost-effective

Simple fabrication using commodity materials and manufacturing processes that already exist.

No need for mechanical moving parts, dense meshes of wires or multiple circuit boards. Costs and complexity are reduced at every juncture.

This is an entirely new way to relate and interact with products – a seamless smart surface which can be formed into any shape yet it feels and works the way you’d expect, and want it to.

Swipe, scroll, gesture, rotate, tap, wave or squeeze…

Uniphy smart surfaces are bespoke, pressure-sensitive, intuitive control and display surfaces that are the next generation in User Experience. An interface that conforms to the human rather than forcing unnatural, unfamiliar interaction. One that creates an effortless connection with machines and which becomes the shape of products that Users adore. This is UI compression that simply isn’t possible with other technologies.

Beautiful, Intuitive, Robust, Safe, Economic. Uniphy-d.

+ Latest News

15 December 2022
In Mercia’s recent announcement of its FY23 interim results sharing highlights that include £6.4million net invested into six portfolio companies including a new investment into Uniphy Ltd, a Deep Tech company that can enable any surface to become a smart human-machine interface. It’s CEO, Jim Nicholas, explains a little more about the technology that has already seen collaborations with automotive giants Hyundai Motor Group and Grupo Antolin….