The richest range of HMI features, harmoniously blended into sculptured surfaces.

Integrate seamlessly with any display, if required… Illuminate… Build in haptic and sonic feedback… Add gesture and voice control.

Create an experience that takes the user beyond simple touch.


Uniphy gives designers total creative freedom to build interactive, seamless, free-flowing shapes and forms that look and feel beautiful.

Clumsy, disparate mechanical elements, unsightly joins and part seams are a thing of the past.

This is the future of User Experience and it’s beautiful.


Uniphy’s Smart Surface allows you to connect and interact with machines in an entirely new way, yet the actions, gestures, touch and feedback are immediately familiar. Touchscreen responsivity is married with finger pressure sensitivity, haptic feedback and familiar 3-dimensional structures, such as dials and buttons, which are extruded or recessed directly into the surface. This is an interface that conforms to the human, not the machine.

Feel the difference and realise there’s nothing more natural.


Connect with a fully responsive surface that will stand up to the rigours of everyday use and abuse.

We’ve removed complexity from the fabrication process. Light sensing technology and low-power electronics sit behind a surface constructed from robust, hard wearing and readily available materials. Manufacturing uses well known, proven and trouble-free processes that already exist and, as there are no embedded moving parts, construction is streamlined and weakness and reliability issues removed.

The result… Dependable and enduring.


Indentations, grooves, and extruded features (like dials and buttons) can be formed directly into the Smart Surface, maintaining a single, flowing form. This allows the user to feel their way along, controlling functions without looking. In automotive applications in particular, the ability to stay ‘eyes-on-the-road’ has obvious safety benefits and, as voice control, and haptic feedback can be easily integrated, Uniphy’s Smart Surfaces offer the safest way to connect with machines.

In medical applications, the single surface nature of Uniphy makes cleaning and sterilisation easy.

Safety seamlessly built-in.


Built from commodity materials such as glass and acrylic and manufactured using mainstream processes, Uniphy’s Smart Surfaces are cost effective in prototyping and mass production.

Unlike any other, the seamless, single surface nature of Uniphy eradicates the need for esoteric materials, mechanical moving parts, dense meshes of wires and multiple circuit boards, reducing cost and complexity at every juncture. Tooling costs are minimised and the potential for recycling is maximised.

Economically and environmentally, we achieve more with less.