Uniphy Applications

Crafted technology for making beautiful, robust and economic Touch Interfaces

White Goods Application

Enabling a new generation of White Goods

Despite many years of technological advances in White Goods, displays and interfaces have remained complex, uninspiring and undifferentiated. Dispersed, single function buttons, mechanical dials and simple rectangular character displays still dominate these applications.

Uniphy “beyond touch” technology changes all of that by enabling a new era of human to machine interface that is differentiated, intuitive and customizable. Uniphy technology enables curved and contoured touch surfaces, transparent on-display buttons and display-integrated mechanical dials in a freeform, high clarity display across that has not been possible before.

For the user, this provides familiar tactile features within an interface that is beautiful, robust and fully intuitive. Imagine a ‘basic’ and an ‘expert’ user mode on a washing machine, where the display offers a unique customer experience for the particular user. For the OEM, Uniphy technology provides the ability to offer a truly differentiated product, which promotes brand and sets it apart from all other rival products, across the whole product range, and not reserved for the high end. Uniphy technology is also intrinsically affordable, robust and is highly resistant to scratching and surface water to ensure a high quality, reliable product that will withstand the rigors of this application market.

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