Uniphy Technology

Crafted technology for making beautiful, robust and economic Touch Interfaces

Key technology benefits and differentiators

Uniphy’s technology offers a unique method of touch detection with brilliant clarity that delivers many important features and has several distinct advantages over its competitors.

The key features include:

  • Highly accurate and responsive touch
  • On-screen contoured touch surfaces for buttons, control sliders and navigation “wheels”
  • Support for fully integrated mechanical dials and control knobs
  • Remote gesture detection for Wake Up and other control functions
  • Pinch & Zoom capability
  • Curvable and Shapable designs
  • Robust, Water-proof, Scratch-proof
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Fast prototyping capabilities
  • Cost effective manufacturing solution

  • How it works

    Uniphy’s patent-protected touch technology employs a simple and affordable three-layer optical laminate (e.g. acrylics and/or glass) above the display or multiple displays.

    The upper layer of this laminate constrains modulated light until a touch causes a small percentage of the contained light to be ejected toward the lower laminate.

    The lower layer, whilst appearing to be completely transparent, contains a very tiny amount of light scattering dopant, which enables the lower layer to capture and contain some of the ejected light which is then attenuated as it radiates evenly in this layer. A small number of optical sensors, at the edges of the touch surface, measure the light intensities seen by each sensor and these signals are processed with Uniphy’s proprietary algorithms to determine the original location of the contact or contacts.

    The thin low refractive index transparent film in between is there to contain light in both plates.

    This approach enables freedom in shape and surface curvature while unifying displays and supporting transparent dials and buttons.

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