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Smart Home Application

Uniphy enables beautiful, intuitive and robust designs for the Smart Home

The era of the Internet of Things has truly arrived with mass adoption of internet connected voice activated smart home speakers - an increasing number of which include additional local wireless networking capability and other functionality that then creates an intelligent hub for the whole home.

Such hubs and many of the connected devices also have touch interfaces, and in many cases displays. Connected devices may include smart meters and thermostats as well as lighting, audio/video control panels and increasingly smart coffee machines, fridges, and other white goods.

These devices can be used very regularly, and often in environments where vibration, humidity and even water or steam may be present. In such cases not only is there a need for a very robust solution to the touch + display function but also a very strong requirement to offer the designer full freedom in creating a product that is beautiful to look at as well as intuitive. This may include control dials and buttons that are transparent in nature and therefore can take full advantage of, as well as unifying, multiple underlying displays under a single uniform touch layer.

Uniphy is unique in not only offering a very cost-effective solution to these conflicting requirements but can also further enhance the user experience by supporting functions such as ambient light and proximity detection for both aesthetic and power saving features like gesture based wake up.

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