Beyond Touch

Enabling a new era in Industrial Design

A touch technology that goes Beyond Touch

Uniphy touch solution is outstandingly robust, even by the standards of current optical touch technologies, as scratches to the upper layer have no effect on the positional touch accuracy. In addition there are only optical links to the transparent layers and hence no fragile connections to be broken due to vibration or by accidental impacts.

Equally, this new technology advances optical touch technology beyond the conventional approach of a densely packed matrix of LEDs and sensors, towards a simpler and more cost effective solution requiring only a minimal number of LEDs, detectors, and support electronics.

The more simplistic nature of this technologies physical implementation, enable it be effortlessly and seamlessly incorporated into large control panels, enabling continuous single piece front panels with integrated touch screens.

Curving and shaping of panels and screens is therefore simple and straight forward, reducing prototyping time, and enabling bespoke integrated touch panel and touch display solutions to be quickly and affordably realised.

Gesture capability and the ability to easily and affordably add bespoke mechanical dials and switches into the top layer, enhance the user experience and aids the differentiation of product suppliers.

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