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Automotive Application

Uniphy enables beautiful, intuitive and safe designs

A key and emerging trend in the modern and next generation car designs is adoption of larger colour displays and touch screen that bring design aesthetic and functional flexibility to the car dashboard. Compared to the traditional mechanical buttons and knobs, there is however a big problem in the car with such standard display and touch screens in that you cannot operate them without looking at them. Diverting driver attention, even for a fraction of a second, whilst driving a 2 tonne steel car at 70mph is a major safety concerns which must be avoided. Using Uniphy’s “beyond touch” technology, the car designer can deliver design beauty and flexibility as well as ensuring safe operation by combining latest display technologies with Uniphy’s curved and contoured touch surfaces, on-display buttons and integrated mechanical control dials.

This allows the driver to benefit from and operate the graphics display without having to look at the screen whilst driving. Instead he or she can use the contoured touch surfaces or integrated dials to guide accurate control without the need for visual interaction. The revolutionary Uniphy technology delivers the benefits of the modern colour displays to the driver without compromising safety and whilst delivering design freedom and beauty.

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